1055 Ohio Pike | Cincinnati, Ohio 45245


This place is a very nice place to stay. I would recommend to anyone. Never had trouble about the food. Staff is very caring will stop what they are doing to help you.


I tell my family that I love it here. My kids are very happy to be close, they can visit me often. It’s very clean here and I haven’t met a mean person yet.


The rooms are nice & clean, mom has made a lot of friends here to talk to. I enjoy going to the dining hall to meet people.


The staff went above and beyond for Mother's birthday. They were totally awesome and always are. If she doesn’t like the main menu item they will go get her what she is wanting.


Appreciate the cleanliness, very friendly staff and it is a very roomy and wide building. We love the Starbucks. Great Furniture!


Doesn't feel like a nursing home because it's beautiful.